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Alan Wake Collector’s Edition Arrives

Alan Wake Collector's Edition

The full package

It finally showed up – it’s as if Amazon don’t want you to get new releases until the official release date. 3D Dot Game Heroes arrived from another online retailer on Wednesday Amazon! Anyway, you can probably judge from the fact that there’s a post and picture, that I’m pretty chuffed. I first saw a trailer for Alan Wake in October 2006 when I bought my 360. Since then I have played so many great games, but I was still absolutely stoked to see Remedy at Microsoft’s press event at E3 last year, fueling my hope that this will be all that I hope for. It’s now less than a month to E3 2010 and the game is finally here.

The Collector’s Edition, which was very reasonably priced comes packaged in a facsimile of a hard bound book, but instead of Alan’s latest work you get a soundtrack CD, making of DVD and hardbound book with Bright Falls related facts and of course the game. You also get a voucher for the DLC, releasing later this year and a I was also sent a PDF of the guide for the first episode, but I won’t be spoiling anything by checking that out.

I plan to play this with my wife at my side – not because I’m scared you understand, but we both enjoy narrative driven adventures, especially if they have a bit of the Twin Peaks/ Stephen King about them. Check back to see what I think when I publish my review.

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