Next Generation Consoles – Must Have Features

Xbox 360 EliteWith Microsoft and Sony heralding the arrival of their motion controllers for this generation of hardware, the next generation seems like a very long way off. However, for those boffins that are beavering away in secret labs the feature set for the new consoles is probably being nailed down even as I write. What is likely to make the cut next time around? Read more…


Next God of War Game on PSP

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

More rage ensued

When Sony announced God of War: Ghost of Sparta for PSP today it was a little surprising to say the least. Not surprising that there would be a new God of War,but not many people would have predicted a new game this year, on PSP and being developed by Ready at Dawn.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked that Sony would use their greatest mascot to try to prop up what appears to be a light year for PSP releases, especially on the back of a very successful launch for God of War 3 on PlayStation 3. Read more…

Fallout: New Vegas – Will You be Playing Hardcore?

Fallout: New Vegas

How hardcore are you?

When I’m playing video games, my wife often makes comments such as, “how can your health just recover?” or “why does picking up a bandage heal bullet wounds?” These conventions are part and parcel of video games and part of the compromise developers make to ensure that playing games remains fun. What would happen though if they threw away those conventions and combat was as potentially fatal as it would be in real life? That is what Obsidian are offering with Hardcore mode in Fallout: New Vegas. Read more…

Review: Wii Classic Controller Pro

Classic Controller Pro box shot

Annoyingly only available in black

Is the latest controller from Nintendo an admission that they need to support more standard methods of control for the hardcore gamer or a way to exploit those that have already bought the original Classic Controller? Making it exclusively in black is a sure way to encourage people to buy a black Nunchuck regardless of the logic of that first sentence. Purchased from certain retailers as part of the Monster Hunter Tri bundle it won’t put too large a dent in your wallet. Read more…

Rear View Mirror: Just Cause

Just Cause Xbox 360

The most fun you can have on San Esperito

Avalanche may have created the largest and most beautiful open world game
with Just Cause 2, but  this wasn’t their first go at realizing this vision. It was in 2006 that they first created a game that gave you an entire tropical island and an equally over the top toolkit to play with, but back then they were criticized for letting ambition overtake their abilities. Now that the sequel has demonstrated the scope of what they were trying to achieve how does the original compare? Read more…

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Next Modern Warfare not by Infinity Ward

PC Game have posted an interesting video on You Tube showing the credits from Modern Warfare 2 minus those that have now left to perhaps join West and Zampella in thier new venture.

As you can see practically every lead from the studio has walked, making Activisions claims of a very deep bench of talent ringing slightly hollow. Sure, there were many other people contributing to the last game, but without the leads the studio will have to do a lot of work to ensure a continued flow of creativity and quality control. Therefore, its probably true to say that the Infinity Ward that made the last game won’t exist other than in name by the time their next game ships.

Michael Pachter commented earlier, “We think that recent Activision share weakness has been compounded by additional departures at Infinity Ward which accelerated this week, and we expect another 10-20 employees to depart over the next few months.”

At least Activision have at least 18 months before Infinity Ward were due to ship another game and they’ve got deep enough pockets that they couls buy in the talent.

Demon’s Souls Finally Coming to Europe

[Update]Namco Bandai have now officially announced a European release for Demon’s

Demon's Souls Packaging

New Packaging Design

Souls for 25th June. Not only that but it’ll be the deluxe edition that includes that strategy guide, art book and soundtrack CD. Get it quick though becuase it sounds like there will be limited quantities. The cover art has also been slightly tweaked.

Earlier today reports of Demon’s Souls appearing on German’s classification site USK

were hitting websites. VG247 seem to have the scoop with Namco Bandai announcing that they would announce something officially tomorrow. That’s so like announcing they are publishing, but we’ll have to wait for the details.

Originally only published in Japan, Sony decided not to bring it to the rest of the world. For lucky Americans Atlus stepped into the breach even going as far as publishing a Special Edition featuring a decent strategy guide and a soundtrack CD. Yesterday, Atlus told the world that it had done rather well selling 280,000 copies well up on their forecast of 75,000.

If you haven’t heard of this legendary game, it’s simply a must play for anyone that considers themselves a hardcore gamer, driven as it by crushing, but always fair difficulty. There aren’t many games around today that will, by design, wipeout an hours play in a sword swipe. It also features excellent use of online letting you leave messages for other adventurers advising them of how to deal with the games many challenges.

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