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Hydrophobia Resurfaces

Hydrophobia is that game that was revealed back in 2007 and featured the best water effects you’ve ever seen in a video game. It then effectively sank bank into the murky depths of development, with doubts cast on it ever seeing release.

Last week, the developers, Dark Energy Digital put a countdown on their website, which


Hydrophobia screen from 2008

is now up. The reveal is that Hydrophobia is a alive and well and destined for an exclusive XBLA release, although they didn’t reveal a date. Previously, we’d been told that it would be digitally distributed in eposidic format, so this doesn’t really feel like new news.

A lot has changed since 2007, including the release of Bioshock that did water really rather well. Obviuously, Dark Energy are touting the fact that their engine uses proper fluid dynamics, but at some point the water looks good enough.

They have also released a new trailer for the game, which is available on Eurogamer. Looking at the trailer, the game, which is in the action adventure category looks horribly generic with its pipes shooting steam and networks of steel walkways. What will distinguish it will be wether or not the water mechanics can provide better puzzles than Mario 64 did over ten years ago.

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