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Do You Like Fallout? Do You Like Collector’s Editions?

May 11, 2010 1 comment
Fallout New Vegas Collectors Edition

Gambling paraphenalia

Of course you do. In that case you’re going to love the freshly unveiled Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition. The extra-large box contains a host of Vegas inspired physical items, which depending on how full your man cave is getting will delight fans of the series. Read more…


GDC – New Fable III Details

Peter Molyneux has been speaking about Fable III today at GDC and revealed or perhaps more accurately teased some more information about the game. It will feature

Twittering from Albion

Natal support, which presumably will assist with all the touching that is promised for the game. he wouldn’t be drawn on specifics saying only that, “Natal is wonderfully additive to this experience. It really does add to the Fable world.” It would be a reasonable asumption that any Natal functionality will be optional otherwise Microsoft are cutting off a huge audience.

He also mentioned Twitter support, which seems to be 2010’s must have feature.¬† Peter said, “I Twitter now and, you know, I’ve got followers on Twitter. That’s an interesting mechanic, and we integrate that into the Fable experience.” Expect to be able to send some “amaaaaazing” Tweets from the world of Albion. Maybe he’ll find some way to turn your followers into Twitter followers and we can all swell our ranks.

Lastly, John Cleese will play your butler in the game, once you have become a king presumably. I’d sooner he didn’t but he can certainly effect an annoying British accent.

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An Hour With Final Fantasy XIII

I’d like to come clean at the outset and say that this is the first Final Fantasy from the main series I’ve played with the exception of the original Final Fantasy in its PSP guise. I have played Final Fantasy Tactics on PSP and DS, so I have some frame of reference and

It really does look this good

know about stuff like Gil, Chocobos and the fact that at some point you’ll come across someone called Cid.

I bought the PS3 version simply because its supposed to be the better version and not because Final Fantasy is a PlayStation brand. On booting the game I was surprised that there wasn’t an install and also the fact that the game runs in 1080P.

The good part about any Final Fantasy game is that the plot doesn’t depend on any previous game in the series, with each new game developing its own new world and story. What I am missing out on though is a lot of the gameplay conventions that have been built upon over the past years and so whilst many people will instantly be looking to “stagger” their enemies, I’m still getting used to the idea. The tutorials within the game have done a good job of getting me up to speed though and I suspect that there will be many more of them to come.

After just over an hour of playing the game, it currently feels much more like an interactive movie than Heavy Rain ever did. I haven’t made a single dialogue choice or made any decisions about where my characters are heading. So far, I am just guiding them along the path, pressing the auto button during the battles and then watching a cut scene. If this is how Final Fantasy games have played out for the last few iterations it seems like a backwards step, even from the first game that just gave you a world and let you get on with it.

What I can’t argue with are the visuals, which are universally excellent whether I’m watching a cut scene or “playing” the game. The art style is very Japanese with a mixture of both the hi-tech and the ornate, which personally I don’t really like, but I can appreciate the work required to generate the world.

The dialogue sounds like it’s straight out of a PS1 game and the characters¬† and their lines are so unbelievable compared to recent games like the excellent Heavy Rain and Mass Effect 2. It’s almost game breaking for me at the moment, but I’m going to stick with it and see what happens.

If anything should be able to get me hooked on this game, then it should be the story, which I am expecting to a science/ fantasy masterpiece, rivalling anything Lucas has produced since the end of the 80s. So far, it’s made a promising start with the introduction of three sets of characters, who will obviously end up joining forces as they battle against the evil of the Sanctum.

What I’d like to see next is a greater illusion that I am making choices that will affect the outcome of the game. I would also like to see some character development that lets me see past some of their cliched dialogue. I’ll update you when I’ve seen more of the game.