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April – Month in Review

May 6, 2010 1 comment
SPlinter Cell

The writing's on the wall

For most people April was a welcome relief in the release schedules finally giving gamers a chance to catch up after the best start to a year ever. Depending on your platform though it wasn’t a completely barren month and definitely had a greater number of decent games than 2009. A theme for this month is perhaps games that have been previously released on other platforms or should have been released as DLC. Read more…


Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s hard to know whether Sega are waking up to their potential or they are

The Sonic-mobile

just suffering from a sequence of fortunate accidents. Any studio with the heritage of Sega should be able to profitably mine their back catalogue to produce games that are both popular and decent quality. The last year has seen their best collection of Megadrive games, more Sonic and Mario, the sega homages in Bayonetta and now a Sega kart racer. Is Sonic and friends a game that has both quality and heritage?

On the DS the game makes a reasonably good first impression. It features pretty much the same content as the console versions, but shrinks it down to something that looks good on the tiny DS screens. Currently, I’m playing through the missions, which include driving through the correctly coloured gates, collecting coins, knockout competitions and straight races. This is a good mode to get used to the game because it forces you to use all of the characters and uses a multitude of the courses. It’s also a good distraction whilst sitting on a train, which is probablywhat a game like this needs to be.

Full review on Gamerzines shortly.