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Do You Like Fallout? Do You Like Collector’s Editions?

Fallout New Vegas Collectors Edition

Gambling paraphenalia

Of course you do. In that case you’re going to love the freshly unveiled Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition. The extra-large box contains a host of Vegas inspired physical items, which depending on how full your man cave is getting will delight fans of the series.Included for the unspecified price is:

  • Seven lucky poker chips from the various casinos found on the New Vegas strip
  • A Fallout: New Vegas deck of cards and rules to play caravan, which is a  new card game developed by Obsidian and probably featured within the game
  • A platinum “lucky 38” chip, which is obviously a very important in-game item because the press release says so
  • A Dark Horse hard-backed graphic novel tying into the events of New Vegas
  • A making of Fallout: New Vegas DVD including interviews with the developers

To my mind this is a weaker collector’s edition than Fallout 3, which included a bobblehead figurine and came in a metal lunchbox. I still wish I’d stumped up the cash given just how much I loved Bethesda’s RPG.

What do you want in a collector’s edition?

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